DuckDuckGo – new search engine that might hit jackpot

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If you thought that in the search engine world everything is established this might be a nice little surprise for you.

There is a new player in town and it’s called Duck Duck Go – – well, not exactly new, it’s been around since April 2010.

Despite of its funny name, the interesting thing about this new search engine is that it doesn’t try to compete with Google (which is nearly impossible) but instead it hurts Google where it hurts the most – privacy issues. With increased concern about user and search privacy and new Google privacy policy recently introduced more and more people are looking for an alternative way to search. It also adds wisdom of crowds to the search results (e.g. from sites like Wikipedia) to better fulfill search requests.

Will this one hit the jackpot? We’ll have to see – according to their own public search statistics their traffic is increasing and it looks much like an exponential curve to me – see it yourself:

Did I also mention that it also gives pretty good search results? Try it out yourself and tell me what you think.

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