SPHERICAL WORLDS (Amiga Computer Game)


Greetings player!

In front of you now stands “Spherical Worlds”, a shooter game for Amiga which will, we hope, entertain you for a long time, with features like animated story introduction, smooth 8-way scrolling playfield, fast action, lots of explosions, lasers, missiles, weapons and similar tools, great sound effects and music, 3D tunnel flight, and much, much more. Blast them all, and have fun!

In this game you will experience one of the possible events that might happen in the future.


Spherical Worlds is a shooter game for the Commodore Amiga, published in 1996, copyright (c) 1996 by “4Matted” / “Future Creations” / “NEO Software GmbH”. The authors are Zvonko Tesic, Goran Stetic and Mirko Rizman.

The game begins in a giant alien space ship attacking human-populated colony called LV-427. You control spherical battle droid with the purpose of destroying the alien threat from inside their ship. But your task is not easy - there are various droids on-board to stop you.

Game has top-view. As it has smooth movement (not just smooth scrolling) it gives you great feeling of speed, and playability. Additionally, enemies have various intelligence, from slow and stupid to fast with guns/mines.

However, you have enough fire power to deal with them. Many weapons you use are different one from each other. And there are also a few extras, like guided missiles and nukes. Special weapon screen with rendered rotating weapon images is used for fitting additional equipment and weapons.

Sounds follow the game and have a great influence on raising game level of realism.


In the distant future, the other planets colonized by Earth were on their remarkable way of growth in all the branches of science, culture, politics and economy. Ancient knowledge was understood and accepted. Human race has found a new energy resources, space travel was no longer a problem. They lived more or less happily for many years to come.

Then, one day, colony’s space communication systems started receiving strange readings on their instruments. Day and night, computers attached on special communication systems were trying to decode those readings. As the time passed, messages were more and more logical. So they found a pattern. Message was comprehensible. It was the message coming from an alien ship, containing information about its current position and heading. It was coming towards Earth. Intentions of those aliens were unknown. The Council of colonies decided that information is highly restricted for public for the time being. Enormous efforts were invested in course of establishing any form of communication with aliens. Decades have passed since. No reply messages were received.

Then suddenly all sensors, satellites, communication systems were overloaded with the same messages as before. But now the message coming from the alien spaceship was saying that they are a few light years away from the Earth. Communication was established on friendly basis. Those aliens were interested in planetary research in this sector of universe. Earth was also included. For many years they were helping human race to progress and develop in all society and science matters. Those days people were living happily and lively, many children were born to live and prosper.

On March 25th, 4530 all contact stopped. People and colony governments were confused. Last message in all colony planets, states, cities was:



Movie-like intro, lasts a few minutes. Full screen animation is played in HAM mode (4096 colors on screen) with background music. Ending sequence will reward best players. There are also animated scenes between game-levels.


You will also see additional ingame content like rendered pictures, animations and bonus levels. 3D full screen motion bonus level with moving perspective and deadly walls coming towards your ship-carrier really has to be seen in motion.


To play Spherical Worlds you need an Amiga emulator such as WinUAE or a real Amiga. The game works best on A1200 (Amiga 1200) configuration. It also works on A500 but with less bullets and enemies on screen.

Download Spherical Worlds



If the game is too hard for you to play, you can use trainer version and/or the following teleport (cheat) codes. These codes include all weapons and map scanner so you don’t have to buy them. You can still buy extra lives and rockets in the weapon screen though.

Teleport/level codes with all weapons included:

Level 01: HPPIAADD
Level 03: HPPOACJH
Level 05: HPPOAEJJ
Level 07: HPP0AGJL
Level 09: HPPFAIAC
Level 11: HPPOAKJP
Level 13: HPPOAMJB

Note: If you are using teleport codes you may not see some animation sequences, pictures and bonus 3D tunnel level – as they may appear between some levels. You may also miss the opportunity to earn up to 40000 credits in the 3D tunnel level by collecting orange energy balls. So complete each level to be sure to see them.

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